OUR CREATIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT is a special place for preschool and kindergarten children. Within the nurturing environment of the school, all children are encouraged to grow in every aspect of their physical, social, emotional, cognitive and cultural development.

At the same time, we recognize that all children have individual learning styles, strengths and needs. We are dedicated to providing a solid foundation for the development of skills and knowledge that contributes to the future success of each child.

Our School

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Within the beautiful setting of the school and in a relaxed atmosphere, curiosity, alertness, initiative, creativity, confidence, and autonomy are encouraged in all activities. Our children are encouraged to grow and develop in all areas.
  • Social Emotional Development

    Children are given opportunities to develop and maintain a positive self-image through experiences in which they have choices, positive feedback and success.

  • Physical Development

    Children are given many opportunities to develop and maintain large and small muscle skills each day.

  • Intellectual Development

    Children grow as they interact with the environment and learning materials. They are challenged to think, create, and express themselves.

  • Cultural Development

    Children are exposed to and encouraged to explore various differences.

  • Licensing

    And Accreditation

    St. David’s Nursery School is happy to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and Care Provider. We are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, and hold a Private Academic School License from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

    St. David’s Nursery School is an ADA compliant school.

  • STEM

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is a way of thinking at St. David’s Nursery School and is an ongoing part of our curriculum beginning at age 2. Through play even our youngest children learn to problem solve and become critical thinkers. Hands on, relevant learning experiences encourage children to imagine and invent while collaborating with their classmates and teachers. Creativity, communication and organizational skills are enhanced as children work together on daily STEM challenges that promote learning in a fun and meaningful way.

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